Digital Marketers Success Class


Digital Marketers Success Class

An absolute beginners course to the basics of digital marketing in Mauritius.

The digital marketers success class is a 7 days email course covering different basics digital marketing topics required to become a digital all-rounder.

Upon registering to this course, you will learn about

  • Lesson 1: The Fundamental of Digital Marketing in Mauritius
  • Lesson 2: Creating Content that matters
  • Lesson 3: Getting Found on Search Engine
  • Lesson 4: Becoming a Social Media Hero
  • Lesson 5: Sending a Kick-ass Email
  • Lesson 6: Say Hello to Mobile

6 Lessons unveiling the basics of digital marketing & how to make good use of it. 

Register today and start receiving the lessons via email. Learn at your own pace and grow as a digital marketer.