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We aim at Helping , Educating, and Growing businesses and individuals


Digital Marketing like never before in Mauritius. 

Far much than a simple blog, Inbound Mauritius aims at being a unique learning repository for Mauritian digital marketing experts or beginners. Launched in 2015, we focus our energy on 3 main aspects which are to Help, Educate and Grow individuals and businesses in Mauritius.

We do this through the power of Digital Marketing.

As the digital landscape is evolving in Mauritius, there is a surge to understand and adapt digital marketing strategies within the local reality. Our purpose is to position ourselves as the ideal entity which drives this change. Click on our 3 main focus areas to know how we can Help, Educate and Grow

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About Inbound Mauritius

Why be part of the journey with us

Why should you be part of the amazing and exciting digital marketing journey in Mauritius with Inbound Mauritius?

  1. We don’t create links, we build relationships with everyone. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in Digital Marketing, you are welcome at Inbound Mauritius.
  2. We love what we do and this reflects in our work.
  3. We believe education can transform someone’s out there life. This became the initial base for our Growth section.
  4. We do not only inform you about the latest trends, we adapt it to the Mauritian reality.
  5. We have a profound interest in creating relevant and high-quality output.

 The way we do it – The Inbound Way

We are passionate about Inbound Marketing and creating content within context throughout the different customer journey. But, what is Inbound Marketing?

Learn Digital Marketing in Mauritius


Download our latest learning materials and start learning about digital marketing. Our resources are directly related to the reality of Mauritius. Whether you are a digital genius or an early bird, find what you need here.