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How can Inbound Mauritius EDUCATE you? 


The Challenges

There are a lot of potential for the digital economy in Mauritius as we see businesses focusing on being present online and creating integrated experience aligning the latest technologies to their core purposes.

However, the challenge lies in finding the right candidates who have a profound knowledge in online and digital marketing to work in the local agencies. If you are a student, you need to stand out of the lot when applying for a digital marketing job in Mauritius. But, how to stand out when there are limited Mauritian schools to learn?

Here is how we can educate you

If you are a student

There exist several online websites to learn digital marketing. However, our unique value proposition at Inbound Mauritius resides in the fact that we adapt every digital marketing strategies to the local reality.


We educate students through our various channels and with great learning resources. These include

  • Our Learning Academy
  • Free Ebooks covering strategies adapted to Mauritius
  • An overview of the current marketing field in Mauritius every 2 weeks (Watch Episode 1 and Episode 2)
  • Read the latest blog posts covering various marketing topics.

If you are a business

If you are a business operating in Mauritius, we have the required learning resources ranging from the latest strategies and best practices in the digital marketing field in the country.

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