Hand Spinners in Mauritius – What you need to know


A fidget spinner ,also known as a hand spinner, is a toy initial invented by Catherine Hettinger in the 1990s to help her with her autoimmune disorder. In 2017, the toy became a world craze and Mauritius is not left aside. Here are few facts you need to know about it. 

The Origins

The fidget spinner as we know it today changed from the initial invention of Catherine Hettinger in the 1990s.

Suffering from myashtenia gravis which affects muscles, Hettinger developed the toy as an easy way to play with her daughter with little efforts.

Catherine Hettinger - Hand Spinner Mauritius

She started selling the fidget spinner at fairs where it gained success. However, Hettinger was unable to pay for the patent and consequently is not gaining any profit from the success of the toy today.

Are hand spinners a cure to stress?

Hand spinners are often marketed as an anti-stress or other post-traumatic disorders remedy.

With such claims, companies have been able to invade the market with an audience comprising of adults first then later children. Its popularity in Mauritian schools is such that the toy was banned for being a distraction among students.

However, according to health specialist, no research as such was done to know the proven effects of the hand spinner in helping autism, PTSD or ADHD patients.

Where to buy hand spinners in Mauritius

Due to its growing popularity, hand spinners are available mostly everywhere at prices within the range of Rs 50 to Rs 500.

However, if you are looking for the best hand spinners, here are our recommended places.

  1. iStyle – Rose Hill
  2. Mauritius Spinners
  3. One.o.One – Port Louis

You may also consider eBay and Amazon for online purchase.

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