Mauritian Top Brands 2017 by Kantar TNS

The Mauritian Top Brands 2017 report is out from Kantar TNS. After months of research and analysis, the team presented their findings during the 3rd Brand Magic Summit held on the 7th April. The report gives an overview of the most prefered brands in Mauritius in different industries. Lets have a quick summary of it.

The Objectives of the Research

  1. Identify the most spontaenous recalled Mauritian brands.
  2. Understand why the Top 10 brands are prefered by the Mauritians.
  3. Analyse the understanding of a Mauritian brand and its difference to an international brand.

The research was conducted within 1000 homes using face to face interviews. The sample taken represented the different regions, gender, ethnic group, socio economic and age group.

Which local brands do Mauritians prefer?

With the local entreprenneurship industry blooming, the research went in depth to know what are the Top most prefered Mauritian brands. The results showed a relatively tight competition between the top 5 brands. The prefered brands are also the ones which are the most recalled.

loneliness Bible
Source: Kantar TNS | Mauritian Top Brands 2017

Over several decades, Apollo noodles gained an undeniable place in the typical Mauritian households and cuisine with their different recipes and their iconic red, blue, yellow and green packaging representing different flavours.

One of the main reason that puts Apollo as the leader in local brands is its ability to do viral marketing. In fact, from its latest release, Apollo dans Bol, to adopting the global phenomenon, Salt Bae, Apollo’s marketing strategies brings innovation and creativity to its products. The main channel of Apollo is its Facebook Page.

Just for the sake of this post, 

More brands are investing in social media marketing as a cheap and yet effective way to market their products. From writing great Facebook captions to having outstanding graphics, Apollo noodles has it all.

The Top 10 Mauritan Brands

Which local brands do Mauritian prefer?
Source: Kantar TNS | Mauritian Top Brands 2017

Why Apollo, Phoenix and Sunny as Top Mauritian Brands?

The research also showed some common answers onto why the respondents prefer the Top 3 local brands which are Apollo, Phoenix and Sunny.

Apollo noodles are mostly prefered due to their ease of use, reputation, price and quality. On the other hand, Phoenix and Sunny products are equally prefered for their taste and price.

Which local brands do Mauritian prefer
Source: Kantar TNS | Mauritian Top Brands 2017

Get the full report here

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