Done with Thesis – Now what?

Like a real and loyal companion, it was here everyday, every night. Sometimes it came on Weekends and you had no choice than to stay with it till late. This “real” relationship also happened to be passionate and motivated sometimes. But, here it is – it decided to leave but will surely send you a feedback about your time with it.

Inbound Mauritius

If you didn’t realise it yet, we are talking about your thesis – this loyal and persistent piece of your University work. Whether you studied Agriculture, Engineering or Marketing – This document plays a fundamental role in your professional future.

Submitting your thesis created mixed feelings. While some are happy after submission others have a big feeling of missing out or incompleteness. You dedicated so much time to completing it that it became omnipresent. Always on your mind – A real love story. But, what should you do now that your ephemeral relationship with your thesis is over? We outlined the top 3 things you could be doing in this aftermath.

Treat yourself


The journey of the fighter was full of obstacles and hurdles yet you worked your way towards the ultimate submission of your thesis by finding your inner motivation but gosh this was stressing.

Why not treat yourself with your preferred food or simply spend some time with your friends. As much as you sacrificed your leisure for months – its time to get them back. Because the most important things in life aren’t things rather quality time with people you love, right?

Have a day off


Yes,  a day off anything related to University could significantly help you allocate more time to yourself. Forget about Social media, phone call or mail inbox – A day off can help you reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate your body. It’s important to make your day-off count. But how? Here are some quick ideas :-

  • Put auto-responder to your mail
  • Read your favorite book
  • Have a walk in your town or in a park
  • Plan your weekend
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Eat Chocolate 


If you are more of a constant hard worker – then the third point will suit you.

Seize the wave


Besides being one of the toughest university work you’ll be doing in your 3-4 years of study, your relationship with your thesis also brings some good motivation. Let’s be sincere about it – Once submitted – it gives you such a sense of relieve and pride. Your hours of late sleep and missing out on the things you love finally pay off and reflects in your thesis.

Submission of thesis doesn’t mean that Uni is done – You still have assignments, tests and exams coming up – You might as well seize the wave and plan what remains in your student life.

What you should take out from this?

Congratulations for submitting your thesis. Its been one hell of a ride and yet you managed to do it. This is one of the biggest achievement of a student life and will play a real fundamental role in your professional career. But, you should also neither burnout nor feel like its done and you can chill – Yet, submitting your thesis is just a push towards what remains in your university life. So, how will you spend your post-thesis time?


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