How will companies make money on your head using digital marketing in 2017?


Are you seriously avoiding this crucial question? Every year, companies invest huge amount of money in creating complex digital marketing strategies to get you to buy their products and become their walking billboard.

For example, have you ever noticed (or not) that after some minutes spent browsing for your next pair of shoes on Ebay, you get bombarded by shoe ads everywhere, from your Facebook account to your email inbox?

The truth is most of the time, people don’t really realise that their actions on the internet are captured, analysed and used to make them purchase more or put all the necessary ads, text, incentives to trigger their interest to buy.

So yeah, you should definitely read this blog post till the end to know how companies use web strategies to make you take the cash out.

#1 Retargeting You – Who wants cookies?


Retargeting gives companies a second attempt to get you to buy their product. As mentioned above, one clear example is when you visit Ebay for a few minutes and start seeing ads related to your purchase preferences.

But, the mechanism behind is not as complex as we might think. In fact, a business only needs to place a Javascript tag in the footer of its website to create a list of the visitors.

Ultimately, each visitor will have an anonymous retargeting “cookies” in his or her browser. Hence, businesses are able to display retargeting ads almost everywhere you go.


But hold on, why do businesses invest so much in making sure that you see their ads and eventually come back to them?

The answer: Only 2% of customers will buy a product at first go. The 98% remaining will look around and try to find better alternatives. Retargeting ads helps businesses bring back these people to them.

#2 Online Reputation Management – The “always” good words

Inbound Mauritius - Online Reputation Management

We all have that one picture appearing in our Facebook account of which we are not particularly proud. It might be pictures of a crazy party you went to which may be detrimental to your next job appointment even though you have the best resume.

Same applies to businesses. In fact, the surge of online businesses brought in negative actions usually beyond the control of businesses.

Here is where Online Reputation Management comes in handy.

Let’s say you need to buy the latest phone on the market. You will eventually read the reviews from other users. Chances are that you will read some bad comments about the product.

To make sure these negative comments do not affect your buying intent, companies invest time and efforts to avert them while promoting content giving a positive image to their brand.

But, there are more to Online Reputation Management. Here are 6 reasons more why companies are focusing on developing a good online reputation through digital marketing.

Credits: ReputationStation

#3 Leveraging on social media – Crafting what you want to see

Inbound Mauritius - Social Media Marketing

A recent study by Havard School of Business, revealed that businesses having integrated social media in their marketing campaigns are more likely to increase their sales by 5%.

What does it mean for us, consumers?

It means that Facebook among other social media channels, which were initially a way for people to connect and share stories, pictures, videos and opinions, have now become a marketplace, where brands are fighting to make us see what we want to see.

The ultimate goal remaining to make us buy more.

By crafting targeted content for different customers segments, businesses are able to trigger interest and nurture us towards first understanding their products and secondly buying them.

For instance, you will often see adverts from a website you just visited on your  Facebook newsfeed thanks to the cookies on your browser. Businesses also invest in running paid advertisements on multiple social channels which are set as per our interest.

Concretely, if you like pets’ products and everything around breeding, chances for you to come across related adverts are high. Below is one example from Shutterfly.

Credits: Shutterfly



The internet has given a bigger dimension for people to connect to each other. However, this also helped businesses to market their products. Through digital marketing strategies such as retargeting, online reputation management and social media, businesses have been able to make more money on our head.

But, at the end, we are all masters of our own choices. 


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