Learning Digital Marketing in Mauritius


The demand for digital skills is increasing for the past few years in Mauritius. From SEO to Web Design and Community management, companies are on the look for digital talents. So, how to learn about digital marketing in Mauritius and be ready for your next interview? Here are our top points.

Before heading to the places you can learn about digital marketing in Mauritius, let’s have a quick overview at the prerequisites.

The prerequisites to learning

Similar to enrolling to any course such as learning a new language, learning digital marketing has some prerequisites. A quick round-up of your starting pack.

Stay up to date

Digital marketing is a field which is in constant evolution as technology and human behaviors are changing. Strategies that worked in 2016 may become obsolete today. As such, it is important to know the latest developments in the digital marketing field. There are a couple of good ways to find out what’s happening in various digital fields. Consider signing up for the blogs of top digital agencies.

Read more: Choosing a digital marketing agency in Mauritius

Find your niche

Learning can either be vertical, that is gaining knowledge to climb the hierarchy, or horizontal, whereby you master your niche by gaining maturity in the different approaches and strategies. While both are important for a career growth in digital, it is essential to find your niche.

That sweet spot where you feel comfortable in trying new stuff. It is not about staying in your comfort zone, rather it is focusing on one particular aspect of digital marketing and mastering it.

Be Passionate

We are all passionate about something. It can be playing Pokemon Go and knowing the different Pokestop or crafting the best DIY, being passionate can actually help you during your learning phase.

Set up a blog or a Facebook page and start creating content related to your passion. The more content you published, the better you will rank for your chosen keywords.

One good example is undeniably Peachytales blog. What started as some pictures on Instagram from Aodhorah Anoushka became a real phenomenon in Mauritius with a dedicated blog and ultimately a Facebook Page giving amazingly succulent receipts. It is worth the read. We were amazed!

Visit Peachy Tales Instagram for some hot and spicy pictures

Anoushka’s work even appeared on Air Mauritius blog hence gaining great authority and exposure to an international audience.


Where to start learning Digital Marketing?

With your prerequisites set, where to actually start learning about digital marketing?

Digital Marketers Success Class (Free)

Besides being a blog focused on digital marketing in Mauritius, we launched our learning academy for students and professionals to receive free learning resources adapted to the local reality. From an overview of the best case practices to strategies, we educate students and professionals to stand out in their respective field.


We kept it simple. All you need to do is sign up with your email to receive our learning materials as they are published. (Visit Digital Marketers Success Class)

Hubspot Learning Academy (Free)

Hubspot is one of the leading global agencies who popularised the concept of inbound marketing. Its dedicated page for learning is a repository of self-learning courses leading to a certification. It covers different aspects of digital such as email and content marketing in video and pdf format from experts. (Visit Hubspot Learning Academy)


Analysis Institute of Management (Paid)

AIM launched its Certificate in Digital Marketing focusing on several aspects of community management and content marketing. The certificate is a combination of a fruitful partnership between Paris-Dauphine University, Analysis Institute of Management and Extreme Sensio digital agency.


In this one year programme in Mauritius, you will be able to obtain an Executive Master in Marketing from Paris-Dauphine University, live a professional international experience and improve business English fluency. (Visit Analysis Institute of Management or download the prospectus )

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