Managing studies and work at the same time in Mauritius?

This is probably the one question most “working students” ask themselves at some point in time – How to manage between going to classes and working? Whether it is by necessity or for acquiring experience, it can sometimes be challenging for an individual to juggle between the copy books and the work meetings. So how to do it? Let us shed some light and provide some quick ideas.

The Typical Working Students

Often stereotyped as the anti-social or the one who doesn’t have time for friends, working students are on the rise in Mauritius. We now have more students getting a part-time job and still going to classes trying to get their degree.

Most of the time, these students have a busy schedule and planning is a must. After all, they do have to deliver at work and still get good grades at school.



Whether it is by necessity, to gain experience or to complement their studies, it quite hard to manage between classes and work at the beginning. This often leads to physical and mental burnout or high stress. So, how to cope with it?

Plan, Plan, Plan

Yes, plan everything. From the time you give yourself to catch up on lectures to the time you dedicate to a particular task at work. This essential step helps in identifying whether you have a good balance between efforts you put at work and in your studies as well.

Consider the following before doing your weekly plan

  • Select a Planning tool. download
  • Identify your priorities for the week and allocate sufficient time to them.
  • Allocate some time for rest or for tasks taking more time than planned.
  • Stick to it or adapt to it. Here you need some discipline.
  • Respect your commitments to the company and to your school.


Stay in touch with your classmates

As we mentioned, working students usually have a limited amount of time which they can afford to spend with their friends or classmates. So, how to know what is happening in class?


Stay in contact with your classmates as much as you can. This will help in time of assignments or other group work. It is not difficult in today’s time to keep in touch. Here are some quick ideas:-

  • Create a WhatsApp group for your close friends or classmates.
  • Use online tools to work on assignments. These can be Google tools which help a lot in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Use communications facilities such as Skype and Hangout Google-Classroom

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Have a KitKat, Have a break 

No, we aren’t going to talk about the famous KitKat brand. But, on the importance of having some time for yourself. Have a break. With all the double efforts you’ve put in managing between classes and work, you definitely need it.


Indeed, it can be overwhelming sometimes to juggle between work and studies. On the short run, you’ll probably not really feel the effect of it. But on the long run, you start to feel the burnout or the stress on your body and mind.

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You can’t focus properly in class and at work. You start to feel tired most of the time. So, how to deal with these?

  • Use your weekend wisely if you don’t have class nor work. You can find some inspiration on Things you can do over a long weekend.
  • Do some sports. It helps your brain and your muscles.
  • Take in some fresh air. You might as well go for some hiking.
  • Catch up on sleep.
  • Plan your week ahead and include some time for sleep.


Your Take-Away

Working and studying is definitely not easy. But, you should consider this period of your life as a great effort into building your future. Whether it’s by necessity or to gain experience, you need to have some discipline and take care of your health. Remember, the efforts you are putting today will yield to success in the near future. So, hold yourself up and get going.

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