Usain Bolt or the man who became a brand all by himself (Or not)

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Rio 2016 Olympics Games once again saw the supremacy of Usain Bolt as the fastest man on earth. To give you an idea, Usain Bolt will be completing his 100 meters race before you even catch a Pokemon or take the perfect selfie – That’s how fast it can go.

But, behind this iconic figure , there is a real marketing being done by big sponsors. Let’s find out how much Bolt worth.


It all started back in 2002 when Usain Bolt was still a junior running at the World Junior Championships. He was spotted by Puma which saw in him the potential to become their brand ambassador. Done Deal. Usain signed a deal which is now estimated at $10 million per year.

The list of sponsors goes on to include other famous brands such as Nissan, Hublot, Visa, Vergin Media and Gatorade.

Talking about Gatorade, this company even named a drink after him and were the guys behind the famous story of Usain Bolt – The Boy who learned to Fly.

Today, Usain Bolt is far from the little kid who ran the first time to fill in his tummy. Yet, he didn’t forget his roots and has been helping the Jamaican community since his deal with Puma in 2002.

For instance, he donated $ 1.3 million to his former high school and in some other cases partnered with Samsung to give photography classes to students.

Usain Bolt marketing value is now estimated at $385 million and even trademarked his Lightning gesture.



We wonder whether the king of sprint will still keep his worth (and crown) following his announced retirement from the Olympics Games.  But, with all due respect – Usain Bolt has definitely written history and is now a legend.

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