Pokemon Go – What you need to know

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Pokemon Go gained a massive boost since its launch in the US, surpassing Snapchat at the same time. Social media is filled with pictures of players racing frantically in the streets to catch those famous virtual “Pokemon characters”. Likewise, Pokemon Go reached Mauritius and has started to gain in popularity. What should you know about it? 

Inspired by the 21-year-old iconic series, Pokemon Go is a new AR-focused mobile app which uses a player’s mobile GPS to define a map. The app then points players to real locations where they need to go and catch Pokemon characters.

For instance, once they reach the location, the players point their smart phone camera to reveal Pokemon characters in the real world. 


On this roadmap to capture their Pokemon and do their battles, the players can also visit Poke Stops where they can actually get items to help them in their battles. Poke Stops are usually located at malls, stores or even street signs. 

Pokemon Go in Mauritius

Pokemon Go is gaining popularity in Mauritius. The game is such that it brought several players together to share their experience with the app and give advice on how to deal with the many challenges to grab the Pokemon. A real community.

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We asked Mauritian players about their experience and here are some of their responses and what we learn about Pokemon Go in Mauritius. 

Pokemon GO  Mauritius

Pokemon GO  Mauritius

If you are a fan of the app, you can join the Mauritian community by clicking on Pikachu and share your experience with the app.

Pokemon GO  Mauritius

Here are the Top things we know by now. These facts can change as more characters are added in the different locations which players need to discover;

  1. Players are classified in teams and occupy specific regions known as Gyms.
  2. There are a lot of Pokemon characters in Pamplemousses garden.
  3. If you want electric characters, maybe you should visit Flic en Flac.
  4. Rural areas are not famous for players as there are few characters to capture.
  5. Pokemons are mostly available at Point of Interest

Pokemon Go screens-970-80

One of the tools which can be used to get as much Pokemons, Poke Stops and Gyms include Ingress

The sad part in it

Yes, there is a sad part in it. With more and more players busy finding Gyms and Poke Stops on their smart phones, there is a rise of incidents and theft. In fact, there are several cases whereby players got their phone stolen.

Recently, in Wyoming – America, a young lady found herself in front of a dead body while looking for Pokemons near a river.

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Take out from here

Pokemon Go is gaining popularity in Mauritius. The app shows a clear shift to virtual reality and how this technology will disrupt our day-to-day living. More than just an app, Pokemon Go is also a good way to socialize and make new friends with the same interest areas.

However, players should also take necessary precautions as this AR-focused app is a physical app which most of the time can lead to dramatic incidents.

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