[Pokemon Go] Impressive Insights for Marketers

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It’s no more a secret, Pokemon Go is the new craze. With very little marketing, the app managed to gain in popularity and even surpass Snapchat in the race to augmented reality. So, what does this mean for marketers and how to respond to this disruptive technology which is virtual reality? Here are some ideas. 

Developed by Nianco, an augmented reality game maker, Pokemon Go uses an AR-focus approach. In fact, it makes use of the cameras from a smart phone. Quite basic you would say.

But, the technology behind is much more complex. Going in the same line as Snapchat, Pokemon Go uses more or less the same algorithm to identify the real locations and then add a Pokemon character to it.


Pokemon GO Mauritius
We carried out a simple Google Trend test to see the Search Interest for both Pokemon Go and Snapchat.


But, the technology doesn’t stop here. The app also makes use of Geo-localization to create and points its maps, Gyms and Poke Stops.

The game is changing and marketers need to keep the pace. 

Snapchat, Facebook VR and now Pokemon Go – These are clear indication that Marketers will have to start looking how to make marketing really blend with the real world.

Brands are not here to disturb rather they are here to co-exists and facilitate the life of the customers. As such, Marketers need to make sure that they are bringing their customers out and that they are having a good experience with the brand. We are, of course, talking here about brand experience.

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Mauritius in this
As we mentioned above, Pokemon Go is an indication that brands are pushing the customers outside of their comfort zone while encouraging brand experience.

Due to its geolocalization feature, Pokemon Go creates real opportunities for local marketers and brands.

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Source: Forbes

Here are 5 top ideas we crafted while working on this blog post

  • Offer discounts and promo to Pokemon Go teams
  • Know where to place your product by figuring where are the Gyms, Poke Stops etc
  • Encourage your customers to share their Pokemon character on your Facebook Page.
  • Host a lure meeting in your store
  • Offer discount to customers who share pictures of their Pokemon characters in your store

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