Learning a foreign language is no more optional

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She asked – Cuanto me amas?
He replied – No, I don’t have a cat
She said – ¿Qué?
He replied – Yes, I don’t have a cat
She said – ¿De qué estás hablando? Adiós
Seeing her go, he shouted – I love you

But, she already left…
Yes, Learning a foreign language is no more optional rather it is becoming a required skill in today’s global village. So, where can you learn a foreign language to avoid situations like the one above. Here are the top places to learn a foreign language online.


Duolingo_logoDuolingo is one of the most used learning tools. Study vocabulary, write simple sentences through reading. The application also allows you to read and speak texts with grammar tips along the way. Duolingo teaches 21 languages which include Japanese, Russian.


Babbel gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a new language. You have the flexibility to set your own pace and learn what you want and when you want. Languages include Spanish, German or Polish for instance.


Busuu offers 12 different language courses. It uses clear graphics and is quite user-friendly. Busuu allows you to practice your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills and interact with our international community of native speakers

Easy Language

If you are more of the casual type of learner, Easy Learning’s approach might be useful to you. It consists of a team of individuals from different countries who interviews random people on the street and translate it to simple English.

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