What is: User Generated Content?

According to Digital Insights, more than 20 billion photos have been uploaded on Instagram, 500 million tweets are sent each day and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. These are huge amount of information moving seamlessly onto the internet.

So what is User Generated Content (UGC)?

David Alan Grier described User-generated content as contributions to products and services by people who do not have a capital stake in the production process.

The power of UGC is such that besides word of mouth, it is 50% more trusted than any other media of promotion and is more influential to millennials.

They add authenticity and credibility to brands. Those factors alone can be as powerful as word of mouth. After all, friends on social networks are very interested in what their friends are recommending, sharing or talking about. 

We now know the importance of UGC in any Marketing Campaign so how to have an effective UGC that engages your customers?

1. Have a proper landing page (Call to Action) 

To gather all the content in a centralized way, it is important to have a proper landing page that inspires the user to be part and engage with the campaign. But, this is not only to collect content, Landing pages are is usually the second touch point of the customer with the brand after moving from social media – It can be first in some cases, hence Clear objectives of the UGC should be available to your customers.

For eg, if their content will be on your brand Facebook Page – it’s good they know about it.

Share a Coke with  has one of the best Landing pages for User Generated Content. 


2. Excitement is needed

Make it Lively, Purposeful and fun. Users like when it is interactive – not only in terms of the objectives but also with the customer flow. That’s why you need to generate excitement all around your marketing campaign and at every stage of the customer flow. One of the biggest examples of Excitement is the Ice Bucket Challenge that happened last year.

What made it so successful? The Ice Bucket Challenge was a simple concept that was really accessible to everyone. That raises one important here – UGC should be accessible to your target audience or everyone. To come back, the ALS IBC, created a sense of excitement over social media and an urgency to be part of a huge international movement.

The result was amazing – It raised over $100M because the campaign was made for everyone.

3. Quality Content

One major asset of UGC is that there is usually an automatic leveraging on content quality by the customers themselves. Everyone part of a UGC strategy want their content to be shared, liked and commented. So, from the start of the strategy and with the increasing amount of content, users will find the need to provide more and more quality content.

However, You need to make sure that these content doesn’t go off your Marketing objectives.

If your campaign is about helping needy people, make sure you don’t have someone bragging about the amount of money he has. Make sense right?

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