Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trend is OUT!

Mary Meeker Internet trend is officially out and the stats are simply on point. If you want to learn and know what are the trends happening in the tech world, this report will give you critical and actionable stats on how technology is evolving.

In this article, you will find the top 10 most striking facts in the report.

Top 10 Meeker's Insights

  1. Internet penetration is relatively flat with India leading the way. This indicates that there are constantly new users ready for your app or any other product. The market is here!
  2. Global smartphone usage is on the slow as these are good enough to use for a long time but however not innovating enough. Android holds the monopoly with an increase in its market share even though selling is one the down trend.
  3. Video marketing is on the boom while Facebook and Snapchat are giving users opportunities to share video content almost instantly.
  4. People from developing countries spend a big budget on purchasing smartphones.
  5. Advertisers are still spending way too much on traditional medium such as newspaper, billboards and not enough on digital medium.
  6. Millennials are not more just an age group but has evolved to a type of customer with their own set of values, buying behaviors and community contribution.
  7. Non-Tech companies are hiring more and more digital agencies to increase their growth and enable a smooth transition to digital.
  8. Snapchat is winning the game because it combines User Generated Content strategies, personal communication and professional video content. All of this in one app.
  9. Even though video is gaining, photos are still mostly used with a big increase in Snapchat
  10. Facebook own two of the most used chat application (Messenger and WhatsApp) while Google is out of the race.

These are the Top 10 highlights from Mary Meeker’s essential 2016 Internet Trends Report. Read more below.

Internet Trends - Meeker's Report


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