3 Digital Marketing Tips to boost your small business

The game has changed for entrepreneurs. In fact, customers have changed their buying behaviours. It is to the survival of businesses to adapt to this change. Here are 3 tips to boost your small business.

How is the actual game?

Yes, indeed the game has changed. Millenials are your tomorrow’s customers. Their buying behaviours have drastically changed over the years with more and more technologies pouring information and data like never before on the backbone which is Internet. As such, we are even starting to question the need for a salesperson in showroom. Read more in our article: Why millennial marketers will be the most successful in Mauritius

Social Media and Search Advertising

Advertising on Social Media and Search Engine have become ways increase the visibility of your business during its traction time. In fact, with proper planning, you should be able to reach out to communities within your target market. Facebook, for instance, allows you to target customers within your vicinity and according to your target market age group.


On the other side, Search Engine advertising is sure to drive traffic to your website or landing page. These might be costly but in the long term can provide a good return on investment if the campaign is properly planned.

Get your website up and running

A website can be the window pane of your store, providing customers with a glimpse of your products and further details on your business. Websites require frequent updates, so we recommend that you continuously make sure you have fresh content in there. Why? There are two main reasons and these are:-

  1. Don’t get your customers bored with the same information
  2. Be ranked higher in search engine results provided your website is properly optimized.

However, some businesses do not really need a website. In such cases, there are some alternatives such as a Landing Page or a Facebook Page.

Tracking is a must

You might have implemented the above strategies but without any proper tracking, you won’t know whether these are doing good or bad to your business. Tracking will enable you to know whether you are having a return on investment in the short and long term. As per these results, you will hence be able to change your digital marketing plan.


These are some reasons why small businesses fail at creating digital success

  1. Wrong expectations settings towards the digital marketing strategies.
  2. Strategies are not defined properly and do not meet business requirements.
  3. Wrong target market reached through the strategies used.
  4. No actual need for a digital marketing strategy

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