Using your Student Life to Hone your future

Professional success doesn’t happen like magic. It requires efforts and a continuous commitment to nurture the learning and growth while at the same time gain the required skills to your chosen career. But how to do that?

We often hear the importance of student life to create our future. Though subjective to one, we are all in need to create a better tomorrow for ourselves. Let’s be honest – We all seek to have something special that would make our little inner self-happy. Whether it is a 20K+ salary or building a house, prior to your very first steps in the professional world, your student life can help you hone your future. It’s all about seizing the right opportunities and to never give up.

Becoming a Volunteer

“No time, I’d rather focus on my studies” – This is the most common “reaction” by students when asked to be part of a volunteering organization. Being part of a volunteering organization takes time – just like hanging out with your friends or going out for a movie.

AIESEC Mauritius members for a Christmas gathering at Fraternite Nord Sud

Regardless of the field, you want to work – there are some common skills that are required. For instance, communications skills, project management skills and so on. Volunteering complements your academic learning. How? – Whatever you learn in your lectures – you can apply it to real life situations and see how these affect the outcome.

Get an internship

Universities understood the importance of getting the experience of working in firms. Spending your vacation working can prove to be very fruitful in terms of learning and self-development. It enables you to get in touch with the real working environment and identify your areas for improvement. Furthermore it helps create your own personal connections.

Here are the top things to check while looking for an internship

  • The Industry: While some will opt for firms within their field of study others will tend to venture in sectors not related to their major.
  • Nature of the work: This is where students complain a lot – Some companies only perceive the role of an intern as document classifying and getting coffee while others can let you lead projects or components of a project. It’s all about showing your ability to handle tasks properly.
  • Future Opportunities: You should also consider what can be the future opportunities that would open after your internship. Whether it is a job offer or a referring – You should get an added value a endt the end of your internship.
  • Size of the company: The amount of companies taking interns are sometimes limited. One aspect to consider before choosing a company is its actual size. Big companies enable you to have the ability to follow procedures and gain a more corporate mindset. On the other side, working in start-up gives you freedom to innovate without disrupting the whole company structure.


5 Ways to feel better at work

Diversify your learning

Yes, we agree – student time can be tough. Yet, more and more students are not restricting themselves to their major. Rather, take time to learn something not related to your actual major. No finance to pay for an additional course or time to go to additional class – Read about this interesting article of Kellie Koo – Do I need University where she depicts the alternatives to tertiary learning.


What you should take out?

Whether you wish to go for an internship or take out additional classes, your student life is the right moment to build your future (As if you didn’t know it) but complementing your academic knowledge to actual and relevant practical experience can differentiate you from other candidates going to a job and it will reflect on your Resume


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