Why millennial marketers will be the most successful in Mauritius

As students are rushing to Universities to enroll on their new tertiary adventure, we took some time to write about what we are passionate about – Marketing! Yes, you student who is reading this, this might be helpful if you are willing to go into the magical world of Marketing.

However, remember one thing – Everyone can be a marketer, but good marketers know more than marketing.

So, why millennial marketers will be the most successful in Mauritius in the near future?

1) Work Opportunities

A recent article published by Adecco Mauritius identified a series of 12 jobs that will be in great demand in the coming years. Out of these 12 jobs, 6 are directly related to Marketing. The main reason behind this is Data. Companies are focusing more on data to make sure they are responding to the actual need of their customers. But to get data, these companies need to design proper marketing and communication strategies hence the need for marketers.


But this is not only about data. In fact, companies are shifting to digital as a way to respond quickly to customers while being reachable. With the constant flux of data and information online, companies are investing a lot into digital marketing to come in the limelight.

Skills required: Social media management, SEO and PPC, Website Development & Mobile technologies.

2) Internet penetration

As we mentioned above, there is a constant shift to digital in the marketing industry. Internet will be the backbone of this new way of doing marketing. Mauritius remains among the top countries in Africa in terms of Internet usage.

To give you a proper idea, according to Internet World Stats, as of December 2014 Mauritius had 803,896 Internet users while in November 2015, there was a penetration rate of 43.3% of Facebook in the market which represents a massive amount of 580,000 Facebook users. Another important ranking was made by the report of The Web Index which ranked Mauritius at the 40th place among 86 other countries for its Internet usage.


But why is this important to millennial marketers? The answer is quite simple – You need to be where your customers are. Millennials are more connected to the digital world more than ever before and this represents a big opportunity to market your products or services.

Skills required: CRM Management, Internet behavior understanding, Graphic Design & Customer digital buying behavior.

3) Millennials Buying Behaviors

Whether we like it or not, our buying behaviors have changed with the huge flux of information online. Nowadays, with only a few clicks or touch, you get all information about a particular product on your smartphone or tablet.

Millennials represent the next buyers generation and they are changing the buyer behavior everyday so much so that we question ourselves whether or not we actually need assistance in the showrooms.

How Do Millennials Shop For A Car? (PRNewsFoto/AutoTrader.com)

Skills required: Buyer Behavior Understanding, Societal Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile technologies & Communication Skills.

We wish you good luck in your quest for the major that you are passionate about.



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