3 Steps to shift Instagram account on the same phone

Now, this is something we were all waiting for. Enough of login out to login on a different Instagram account or using external applications such as Gramblr to manage a different profile.

The world most famous photo application just announced beginning of this week that you will be able to shift from one account to the another on the same smart phone. We tested it and it is so simple that your grandma could use it.

1) Go to your profile settings


Click on the “Add Account” option

2) Add your other account login credentials

Input your login credentials.

For this example we used the account of Inbound Mauritius

Follow us on Instagram here Inbound Mauritius

3) You are on your other account

What we didn’t like

Though the steps to add a new account are pretty simple, Instagram guys didn’t cater for a simpler shift. For eg, We had to log out from the Inbound Mauritius account to go on the personal account we were using.

Read more about Instagram here: Instagram Origins


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