5 Ways to feel better at work

Let’s be honest, a new year has began and its quite difficult for some of us to go back to the cruising speed of working. While our work is slow, we start to have low motivation – going to the extreme of quiting the job.

In this new article of Inbound Mauritius, we are going to describe some really short ways to feel better at work. Ready? Lets go

Smile to Everyone around you

Yes, most of human interactions starts with a smile. It makes the person you are smiling at feel better about himself or herself. The more people you smile at the working atmosphere will get better since everyone will be ready to willigly engage in conversation or to help. Moreover, smiling makes you approachable and humane.

Socialize here and there

Most companies now have a break area or if you want a place where you can have fun during lunch break. Why, no socialize with one colleague or have lunch together. Communication helps to break perceptions and mis-understanding.

If you fear your colleagues have a wrong impression about you – just talk and socialize – making them know the real you. (Read more on ways to socialize at work)

Clean desk and working tools

Imagine, you leave home and reach the office. You switch on your computer and its not working. You try over and over again and still nothing. You start to stress and become angry at the computer (You know that feeling)

It is important to have a clean desk and working tools as these provide the best ways to improve your creativity and productivity at work.  (7 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Office)

Compliment someone

Its always good to receive compliments but its also amazing to give them. While staying in the limits of professionalism, show some gratitude to your colleagues. It will make them happy.

Working in an organization is similar to a big team working together within which you also have smaller teams working towards the similar vision. You should acknowledge that your success greatly depend on others. So show some gratitudes by sending an email, calling or simply directly to the person. If you want to be happy, be grateful

Take small breaks

Too often we tend to focus on the work infront of us. So much so that we don’t really see the big picture. Taking some small pause makes your mind relax. Its even better if you can have a small walk around the office.

We are not saying that you should be spending your time taking pauses to chit-chat but pauses that make you more productive once you get back to work. Breathe and do some exercises – these can get your energy back up again.

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