These 4 small actions will keep you productive.

Recently, I found myself not being productive in my activities and this affected my positive thinking. Even though I planned my days I was stagnant and being quite an expressive person, this could be seen in my interactions with my surroundings.

So, how to stand out of everyone in your class or at work and be happy all day long? The series of actions or decisions that we take throughout the day plays an important role, but there are some of the basics we no longer do due to lack of time.

In this article, I will outline some of the basics that kept me going.

1) Wake up early

Success belongs to those who wake up early.

It might be hard to change your biological clock but with determination, it is achievable. Waking up early will give you more time to prepare and begin your day properly. On average a human being requires 8 hours of sleep whereby the body will go through different sleeping cycles. This is important because it regenerates your mind and body.

With the extra time you could prepare a healthy lunch or put your favorite music to kick start your day.

2) Plan your day

With all the tasks pending, its quite stressing if you don’t have a bigger picture of your priorities. You might find yourself busy on Facebook while your work is pending. With the massive amount of information in this digital era, we can easily be distracted in our goals.

There are several tools that can keep you focus throughout the day. Todoist and Momentum are good ways to set up your priorities. Todoist for instance have a distraction-free interface and encourage collaboration while Momentum is a plugin in the browser itself.


3) Eat Well

As I mentioned in the first of my basics, you need to take time to prepare your healthy food. We often hear that breakfast is the most important dish of the day. I can acknowledge that this statement is true.

Having breakfast gives you the energy and stamina needed to start your day. I was someone who didn’t really have a proper breakfast and I found myself with low energy as of 10 am. Unability to focus, feeling sleepy and hungry are the main results of this.

Do check out these fundamental “Good Breakfast Ideas

4) Relax yourself

Be it through sports or reading, after a day full of emotions, it is important that you take some time for yourself. I find it very relaxing to read books while listening to music that keeps me happy. You learn new things and at the same time your mind and body are at rest.

I found some inspiration to have some relaxation time and unwind. 


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