Marketing in 2016

According to an article published in Wordstream, the top marketing skills needed in 2015 were Content Marketing, CRM Management skills, CMS Experience, mobile marketing, Lead nurturing and email marketing among others.  As the list goes on, we saw that the shift to digital experience of the customer, whether it is B2B or B2C. For us, fellow marketers, this represents a handful amount of skills that we need to learn to produce results and most importantly be where the customers are hence making them happy.

This being said, it is with no doubts that the technological era will continue to evolve as the millennial customer buying behaviors will change. Forbes in its article 10 New Findings about the millennial customers portraits this generation as one which is better informed, is not affected by advertising, have a high comparative approach to buying, want to create together with the brands while making sure these are giving back to society and finally are more connected than ever through tech devices.

So many changes requires skillful employees to create emotions and make customers happy while being “reachable”. In 2016, the focus will be on technical Jobs as more and more companies are adopting the Digital way of creating solutions. A clear example is the increase of CDOs & CIOs  on companies boards.

Even though there is a change in the Top Marketing activities predicted in 2016 (Smartinsights) , the need of digital skills remains a need for companies.


So, it’s clear that the trends are to remain the same – A digital approach whereby the customer’s buying behavior is an informative and comparative approach. On the other side, Marketers are focusing more on creating relationships with them and at the same time make sure to close the deal as soon as possible by understanding what the customers really want.

Even if traditional marketing still has its place today, the very fact that millennials’ customer behaviors have changed, there is a need for tech-sawvy marketers capable of adding value to the technological approach of companies.

Almost every company needs these kind of skilled people, and usually it’s the traditional companies that look to hire millennials-aged workers to enhance social media optimization, data analysis and the like. – investopedia

While skills such communication skills, time management, project planning and management will remain as a basic requirement, employers will be expecting these to be complemented with tech skills such  as Database management, SAP, CRM among others  – This as a need to add value to the technology approach of the company.

Marketers complement their approach with a clear understanding of other areas to make the customer happy so make sure that in 2016, you know more than marketing.




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