Be Like Bill, But who is Bill?

For the past few weeks, Facebook was flooded with “Be Like Bill” meme. The wave hit Mauritius in January and became famous very quickly. One major push was the fact that Facebook fans close identified themselves to these Bill memes. Everyone has a special connection to Bill – Either to depict a situation that happened or to “pin-point” someone in particular (Nearing sarcasm and irony)

Besides following the wave and sharing those memes, Facebook users should ask themselves – Who the heck is Bill? Who created it? Where does he come from?

Who is Bill?

Bill is a stick figure usually using a computer and accompanied with sentences depicting his “smart” online behavior. Bill emerged in the late 2015 through English-humor websites and since was translated in Italian and Spanish.

Sii come Bill / Sé Como José / Be Like Bill are the various version names associated to Bill. He speaks 3 main languages and has his own page for each respective languages – Italian, Spanish and English.

Bill was created with the aim to give a blow to Social Justice Warriors* those people who argue over social issues online. 


On December 21st, 2015, an Italian Facebook page was created called Sii come Bill (Be like Bill). The page, devoted to posted Italian version of the Be Like Bill meme, has received more than 226,000 likes in less than three weeks. A Spanish-language page, called Sé como José, was launched on January 2nd, and in less than four days has received more than 405,000 followers. Sé como José has received the most attention in the Spanish-speaking press, who have deemed it one of the first “virales” (memes) of 2016. In an interview with Buzzfeed, the anonymous administrator of the Spanish-speaking page said he decided to translate the Bill meme from Italian after seeing its popularity there.

So, now that you know more about Bill, what is your best Bill meme? Tell us in a comment below.

By Inbound Mauritius

References: Knowyourmeme


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