Digital Marketing Explained: For Small and Medium Business Owners (1)

The purpose of this article is to serve as the definitive basic guide to, and overview of, digital marketing tools for small and medium businesses in 2015. Consider digital marketing explained!

Some may be surprised to learn that the term “digital marketing” has been around since the 1990’s – many small and medium business owners are just now learning more about it, as it gains more momentum in the contemporary marketing environment.

Simply defined, digital marketing is a discipline of marketing which focuses on the use of technology to: reach an audience, sell a product or service, grow the awareness of a business or a brand, communicate effectively with customers, and bring more customers to a business.

The concept of digital marketing has evolved significantly over the years, and continues to evolve. As technology changes and advances, so does digital marketing – with new ways to reach customers becoming available every day. Online, or internet, marketing is a major component of digital marketing – the terms are often erroneously used interchangeably.

The following practices comprise digital marketing, as it exists today – with a brief description of how each applies to the small and medium business owner. In this article we will cover: websites, display advertising, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, search engine marketing, retargeting, lead generation, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing and marketing automation.

Read more in tomorrow’s Inbound Mauritius issue.

Appeared on Business2Community

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