What Flappy Bird taught me about Leadership

Everyone knows about Flappy Bird. The mobile game developed in 2013 by Nguyễn Hà Đông a Vietnamese game developer.Image

The game was published by .GEAR, a small independent game developer also based in Vietnam. Since it’s launch, Flappy Bird was earning $50 000 a day from advertisement though the game was criticized for its level of difficulty and its similarity with other games such as Super Mario. However, after some months, the game was removed from all the game platform as the creator felt guilty about its addictive nature.

I started to play Flappy Bird some weeks back and I experienced long intense fight moments with the little bird, urging it to constantly move forward without hitting the green cylinders. But, this article is not about my story with Flappy Bird. It is about how this little game made me realized three important aspects of leadership. Yes, there is Leadership in this game.



When you start the game, most probably you won’t pass the first cylinder and it’s quite normal. But here is where human nature comes in. According to some researches, our brain functions in such a way that it creates the willingness to push through hard times, defeats and failures. Perseverance is an important factor in Leadership. You will fail several times and feel like you won’t succeed. This is where you have to believe in yourself and improve in whatever you are doing. Perseverance will also lead self-satisfaction because you know the efforts you have put into going to the next level or delivering the best event ever.

Playing Flappy bird made me realized that human has the urge to succeed. No one loves failures but we will have it and experience it at some point in life.Perseverance is about how bad you want it. How bad you want to be the next Leader of your generation.

Addictive to the process 

Now that you have passed the first green cylinder, it is time for you to improve your score. Again, you will fail several times but you will have the will to improve your score. Hence, you will spend several minutes, hours, days playing the game in the quest of beating your highest score. After 30 minutes, my highest score was five. That’s pretty not to the level. But, I always wanted to improve my score. The only way was to practice. As someone said rightly – Practice makes perfect.

What is the difference between people who succeed and everyone else? It surely comes down to who can handle the boredom of doing the same thing again and again. If for instance, you want to be the best in delivering an event , you have to fall in love with the process of making the event or if you want to be the best at Flappy Bird, you need to fall in love with the process of working towards it. I hit the wall several times while playing the game but I fell in love with the process of constantly aiming for the highest score, which I did.

You need to fall in love with the process of being the best if you want to be the best.

Constant attention

Flappy Bird is a game that requires your constant attention. Else, you will fail in crossing the very first cylinders. Being a Leader, you constantly need to stay focused on your goals and have an overview of your whole project. The moment you lose attention, your project or team will start falling as Flappy Bird unless you do what it takes to bring them back. We are constantly influenced by the world around us and at some point, you find it difficult to focus on your goals. Emotions come into play here as well.

It is very important not to be biased by the interactions you have, meaning taking the good ones and neglecting the bad ones, and vice versa . You will learn a lot from them. However, you need to use them to reach your goals and have constantly something to remind you of it.

We often say that Leadership is a skill. I personally believe that it begins with one self. Flappy Bird gives us a concrete example of this concept. You are the only one that makes the little birds move forward without hitting the cylinders and in doing so, you acquire three important aspects of Leadership, which are Perseverance, Addictive to the process and constant attention.

Leaving you with a funny video from ||SUPERWOMAN||


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